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$100 Haircuts are the Goal when You Don't Love the Game

In the world of Barbering it is absolutely necessary to charge according to your expertise, target clientele, and quality of services offered. You are a Professional, and as such you can decide on your price points. However, recently it has become the main goal to charge $100 per haircut. Some people are super focused on that because they actually don't like to cut hair, don't like to be barbers, and do not like to work this craft.

Get Your Mind Right

In the world of barber education and personal development, the journey of a barber is more than just mastering the technical skills of haircutting. It involves building relationships with clientele, honing one's craft continuously, and leveraging digital influence to expand one's reach. While financial stability and success are significant aspects, they should not overshadow the passion and dedication that drive the art of barbering.

For some barbers, charging $100 per haircut represents reaching the top of success and a marker of prestige in the industry. The desire to work less while earning more can be tempting, especially in a profession that demands long hours and unwavering dedication. However, the danger lies in losing sight of the core values that make barbering an art form.

It is essential for barbers to find a balance between financial prosperity and personal fulfillment. While aiming for higher prices is not bad, it should not come at the cost of neglecting the core principles of customer service, skill enhancement, and community engagement.

True success in the barbering industry is not measured solely by the price on the service menu, but by the value, expertise, and experience that barbers offer to their clients.

Adding Value Beyond the Chair

Barbers who are obsessed on the $100 price point may overlook the opportunities for growth and fulfillment that lie beyond the price tag. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, continuous learning, and community involvement, barbers can elevate their careers to new heights and create a lasting impact that transcends financial gains.

In essence: if you don't chase Personal and Professional Development INSTEAD of chasing the $100 price point, you WILL get to that price point in an organic way. Like the Barbers who actually love the game do all price increases. With Integrity instead of out of laziness.

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