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Barbers: You ARE living the Dream

Updated: Jun 13

Once upon a time you held clippers and wondered how to get any one to trust you with their haircut. You wondered how you could complete all your hours for your license. You needed to find a way to rent a chair at a shop. You spent hours wondering how you would come up with a name for your brand and spread the word: I cut hair!

Now you are effortlessly fully booked, clients come to YOU. Your license is displayed on the wall, sometimes you forget its there. You are either fully established in a barbershop with people who respect you or have your own space in the Suite of your dreams. Your brand comes as second nature to you and your logo is everywhere in your space. Men know that not only do you cut hair: but you provide leadership behind that chair.

Stop for a moment. Look around you. What would your 5 year old self say if they were to walk into your shop or suite? What if you had a chance to have your 5 year old self sit on your chair for a haircut? What would that young man say seeing where it all led to? Seeing the Man that was within all along? The Barber.

I bet he would feel pride to see the Barber you have become. Allow yourself to be grateful to yourself for all you have accomplished. All the skills you have developed. All the work you have invested into the life you now get to experience.

Yes, have goals. Yes, have aspirations. Yes, plan new achievements. Keep the vision high. However, while you are at it, appreciate how well you've done thus far. Keep at it!

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