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How Barbers Can Find the Right Mentor

Barbers seeking to excel should find mentors who push them out of their comfort zones, hold them accountable, and lead by example.

A challenging mentor can help you grow personally and professionally by encouraging new strategies and mindset.

An accountable mentor can provide feedback, guidance, and support to keep you focused on your goals and navigate challenges in your career. Providing valuable feedback and the ability to criticize your current performance are essential traits in a successful mentor.

Observing a mentor who practices what they preach in business and personal development can offer valuable insights and inspiration to improve your own skills and development. In other words, if your mentor isn't in shape, they finessed you.

Choose a mentor who will challenge you, hold you accountable, and be a positive role model for your growth and success in Barbering.

If you don't hate your trainer or mentor a little for pushing you, you are wasting your money.

If you are being asked the difficult questions, you SHOULD be feeling uncomfortable. Otherwise, you are either not being coachable, or you have selected a mentor who panders to your stagnant state. Basically, you are stuck and cheered on while you remain there.

A real mentor will be a direct communicator, will embody the vision that they communicate, and will ask you the questions that you have avoided asking yourself thus far. A mentor that inspires growth will not be a "yes man". You should be hearing things you might not want to hear if you are investing in the right kind of mentoring services. Start your journey by selecting the type of mentoring that will yield the progress you truly envision for yourself.

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