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Celebrity Clients Aren't Big Homie

Taking pictures with your "celebrity" client and uplifting them as your close friend, is not always the flex you might think it to be.

You think this will give you more popularity and increase your clientele; but most of the time it really does not work out that way. Who are you trying to get in your chair?

If you look at the analytics of your booking app, you will see who is actually paying your bills. The true celebrities on your chair are the clients who consistently book with you, bring in referrals to your chair, and respect your business practices.

Just because someone has a big amount of followers on social media, might make bit more money than you, and their name rings a bell; that does not mean that they hold more value than your average 9 to 5 worker who comes in for a cut every other week.

It's time you treat them as the celebrities they are. Delivering high-quality service to ALL your customers is the real branding game.

If you want to snap out of the failed tactics such as posting celebrity pictures, dive into Cole the Barber's eBook store for proven clientele and business building strategies, book a 1:1 call for a personalized consultation, and stay tuned to attend Cole's next in-person class.

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