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Good Barbers Loosing Haircut Quality...

Updated: May 15

Yes, building relationships matters. Yes, having valuable conversations is important. Yes, your clientele does want you to create a great environment.

But don't try to over talk your way into giving out mediocre haircuts and lacking consistency in your craft.

Sooner or later your clients will walk away once they realize after y'all chop it up, they are left with a chillie bowl.

Barbering IS more than just giving a good haircut. And professionalism, connection, and high quality interactions WILL seal the deal. But you NEED to pair that up with consistent haircuts that allow your customers to trust those clippers in your hands as much as they can trust your advice.

Now, don't get us wrong. A Barber who gives top tier cuts and offers zero value, is as good as a woman who only counts on her good looks to get a man. You'll get a lot of first dates, but no relationship.

While Barber who provides both a decent cut, and brings in value; is like a woman who might not have the hottest body, but comes in with the traits desired by a man looking for a relationship. She won't be in the market for too long.

So yeah, foster those great conversations. But watch it with relying only on your talk to keep clients in your seat. Value those relationships enough to let them walk away with a great cut when the convo is over.

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